Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Morning! (From a month ago)

So I'm terrible at this blogging thing... which means I have a ton of room for improvement. Here are some shots I took about a month ago (before it snowed and killed my flowers). 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Around the House

So we've been in our new town for about 2 months now. Here are a couple of pictures from our house. 
Okay so I got crafty with crates. I got the coffee cup idea from an anthro display. I am thinking about painting the wall behind the crates with the coffee cups a dark blue bc a. i love color and b. it won't be so vanilla.

i loved the other coke crate and just found a place I could use it. I've been looking for cute jars to put the spices in so they don't have to sit on their side, but I haven't found any I like. 

Our bedroom is my haven. I am satisfied with the way it turned out but I am always looking to update and change things. Also, did you notice that our bedroom doesn't have an overhead light... welcome to the North. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Blog?

We are all cultivators and creators somewhere deep inside, but most of the time busy schedules keep us from pursuing creative avenues.  I would like to try and inspire you to make time to be a kid, play, have an adventure, and create! I'm a novice photographer and really love it. The above pictures are some from Stephen (the hubby) and my trip to South America a couple of months ago. So I guess here's my first attempt to inspire :) 

I am an Arkansas girl who fell in love with a Texas man and then somehow winded up in the North. This leaves my hubby and I with a ton of loved ones scattered across the US. Blogging is an easy fix. 

In college, at The University of Texas (hook 'em!) I took a psychology class that I really enjoyed. The teacher was a little nutty but very captivating. During the class, we had to take a test that gave us more insight into how our brain functioned personally. I can't remember what this test was called, and actually, the only thing I remember was that it told me I wasn't a reflective person.... I had never thought about that. Which makes sense, if I wasn't wired to reflect naturally. So, because of this I have to be conscious not to just float through life. 

So why blog? To reflect, create, and learn... and obviously keep up with people. or rather they keep up with me? 

An Explanation

Why the Short Boone? 

Well to understand this you first must understand that I am not necessarily short. Towering at 5 feet 3.5 inches makes me a half an inch shorter than the average woman in the US (according to wikipedia... my trusted source on most random facts). I didn't name this blog because of my height but rather because of my family's height. The Boone's are a group of amazing and lovely people who average height is about 6 feet. So that makes me the shortest Boone. 

Also my maiden name is Short and I still love all the nicknames that came from it. "Shorty", "2short", "lil short" (because of older siblings), "L short". 

But, no... if your wondering if I started a blog to 1. talk about myself and 2. talk about my and my family's height. I just used theshortboone as my url because all the other blog names I wanted were taken. 

Now, on to why I'm starting a blog...