Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Explanation

Why the Short Boone? 

Well to understand this you first must understand that I am not necessarily short. Towering at 5 feet 3.5 inches makes me a half an inch shorter than the average woman in the US (according to wikipedia... my trusted source on most random facts). I didn't name this blog because of my height but rather because of my family's height. The Boone's are a group of amazing and lovely people who average height is about 6 feet. So that makes me the shortest Boone. 

Also my maiden name is Short and I still love all the nicknames that came from it. "Shorty", "2short", "lil short" (because of older siblings), "L short". 

But, no... if your wondering if I started a blog to 1. talk about myself and 2. talk about my and my family's height. I just used theshortboone as my url because all the other blog names I wanted were taken. 

Now, on to why I'm starting a blog...

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