Thursday, August 25, 2011

Around the House

So we've been in our new town for about 2 months now. Here are a couple of pictures from our house. 
Okay so I got crafty with crates. I got the coffee cup idea from an anthro display. I am thinking about painting the wall behind the crates with the coffee cups a dark blue bc a. i love color and b. it won't be so vanilla.

i loved the other coke crate and just found a place I could use it. I've been looking for cute jars to put the spices in so they don't have to sit on their side, but I haven't found any I like. 

Our bedroom is my haven. I am satisfied with the way it turned out but I am always looking to update and change things. Also, did you notice that our bedroom doesn't have an overhead light... welcome to the North.